Yellow Metals

We hold a large stock range of brass and copper in all standard forms – sheet, plate, round tube, angle sections, round bar, flat bar and other less common sections. We can also offer on a range of phosphor bronze stock, from solid to hollow round bar.

We provide an in-house guillotining service on sheet/plate up to 4mm thick and up to 3000mm long, with a bar/tube cutting service up to 220mm diameter.


CZ121, CZ108, CZ112

Essentially an alloy of copper and zinc, the brasses are the most commonly used of all the copper based alloys and are available in a huge range of grades, forms and sizes. Lead, tin, manganese, aluminium, and silicon enhance the machinability, corrosion resistance or strength of individual grades while properties such as ductility and cold formability can be improved by lowering the alloying elements or by decreasing the zinc content. This wide variety of properties ensure that the brasses can be utilised in a multitude of industries.


C101, C106

Whilst copper itself is a mid-strength, ductile material, it also offers good corrosion resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivities and good fabrication properties. This combination of properties, together with the possibility of small alloying additions (improving the strength and machinability), makes copper a very versatile and desirable material for many industrial and commercial applications.

Phosphor Bronze

LG2, PB102

Phosphor bronzes are alloys of copper and tin and are generally utilised for their wear resistance, corrosion resistance, medium strength, and their traditional bronze colouration. They can be offered as round, hexagon, flat, square, sheet and plate. LG2 with its ease of casting, good strength and corrosion resistance is offered in round bar and hollow bar.